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Liability: The Dance Academy of Prince Rupert, its’ proprietor, or those in its’ employ are not liable for any injury, sickness or disability which occurs due to the physical activity of dance; any loss of or damage to personal property, whether it be at the studio, competition, event or travel. I exempt, release and indemnify the Dance Academy of Prince Rupert and any and all persons related to the Dance Academy of Prince Rupert from any and all liability claims, demands, or causes of action whatsoever from any damage, loss or physical injury to myself or my participating minor child. Release of Information: I hereby give the Dance Academy of Prince Rupert permission to release my personal contact details to staff and parent volunteers for the purpose of contacting me regarding my participation in the Dance Academy of Prince Rupert. Voluntary termination: One month’s written notice is required. One month from the receipt of the letter will be charged as an administration fee, the remaining tuition will be returned to you. It is the students choice if they wish to finish out the month after their notification. If a class is cancelled by the Academy a full refund of the remaining tuition, will be issued. Costume deposits will not be refunded after October 31st Tuition: Tuition fees can be paid in 1, 3 or 10 payments by cheque, Visa, and/or Mastercard. Please note – Cash or debit must be paid in 3 term payments. The 10 payment option is an equal divide of fees, not a monthly fee, and does not correspond to how many classes are in a month. If tuition fees are not paid when due the student will be removed from classes until the account is settled. For emergencies, please contact the bookkeeper so arrangements can be made. All costume deposits are due at registration. There is a $25 charge for returned cheques. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts. If the student’s surname is different from the surname on the cheque please write the student’s name in the memo section on the cheque. I AGREE AND ACCEPT THESE TERMS
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